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2021 Image League Final

Eastwood PS win the Image League final
The 6 league winners competed in the final via Zoom. watched by

An audience of about 120 logged on to watch the final. Eastwood PS were the winners 269 points, second were Carluke CC with 261 points and Strathaven CC were third with 253. The other scores were Queens Park CC - 248, Alba PS - 239 and East Kilbride CC - 234.
Three images were awarded 20 points by judge Richard Speirs from Northern Counties PF, 1 from Carluke CC and 2 from Eastwood PS. 'Jays Facing Off' by Paul Skehan from Carluke CC was selected as the top image on the night.

Eastwood's winning images are here and the high scoring images from other clubs and a list of all the image scores are here.